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At Champion Gardeners Youth Entrepreneurs, we believe that every child should understand and experience entrepreneurship. Not every child will become an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship activities teach critical hard and soft life skills that are essential to preparing young people for their 21st century lives.  And by experiencing these universal lessons — such as perseverance, hard work, self-confidence, financial literacy, and problem solving – students are more prepared to succeed in whatever they choose to do. The entrepreneurial mindset empowers kids to confidently meet the challenges they’ll face throughout their lives, not just those encountered at work. Our vision is to see that these lessons are instilled in as many of our youth gardeners as possible. 

Our Work As Entrepreneurs

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CGYE Positions



Junior Executive


Financial Managment


Junior Chefs & Event Coordinators



Inventory Control Managment

Our inventory management team consists of many departments:

  • Office manager

  • ​Seed garden supply manager

  • Retail/Store manager

  • Garden Equipment & Tool manager



Civil Engineering

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