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Giving is Always in Season 

Champion Gardeners is a non-profit organization operating from our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. To make this program work, we are asking for donations and sponsors. Help us to build a legacy for the children we serve with your generous gift.


Please consider donating from the following list:

  • bug repellent

  • seeds

  • hoses

  • garden soil, top soil, and mulch

  • pots (all sizes)

  • wagons and wheelbarrows

  • art paint and brushes

  • yarn

  • mason jars for canning

  • cups, plates, and paper bags

  • snacks for the children

  • rolls of garden plastic

  • green house

  • flowers and plants​

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For all other monetary gift methods please contact (678) 358-6710



Champion Gardeners is becoming a non-profit LLC. The paperwork is being done professionally. We are doing this for the children, so they can benefit from the non-profit status. Becoming an LLC will ensure a group of committed people that will stay with Champion Gardeners as they grow and expand. We invite you to donate to our GoFundMe and help us reach our goal so we can help our children become gardeners and entrepreneurs

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